Terms & Conditions


The following terms and conditions are applicable to all the services provided by Britain Airport Transfers. Britain Airport Transfers reserves the right to change the general terms and conditions at any time.

The valid version of the terms and conditions is available both online and for inspection in the vehicles of the company. The use of our services is subject to our terms and conditions. For any deviations from the company’s terms and conditions, the customer should have a written confirmation from the company.

Subject of the contract and services

The subject of the contract is subjected to authorization carriage of persons with respect to the order of the customer. If there is going to be any change to the designated time, the company must be notified immediately. The customer will be responsible for not notifying the company or the driver in a timely manner, if there are any time changes, and they will have to bear the consequences.

The drivers or chauffeurs of Britain Airport Transfers wait for the customer at the pick-up location at the designated time and offer a meet and greet service to the customers whereby they hold a placard with the customer’s name written on it, so that the customer can spot the driver easily. The driver will wait for the customer for a specific waiting period over which the customer will not be charged extra. If there are any flight delays, the drivers will be updated on them through the flight monitoring systems installed in their cars. These flight monitoring systems help driver keep track of the flights of their customers.

Britain Airport Transfers reserves the rights deriving from the treaty rights and the obligations to other entrepreneurs and companies. The client is always informed before such a transfer of contract. The customer has a 3 days’ time period before which the company uses its right to cancel the provision of services. Additionally, Britain Airport Transfers reserves the right to exclude individuals who pose a threat to the security and order of the company and its customers, from the provision of its services. These individuals also include people who deliberately damage the registered vehicles, cause contamination or are negligent of the policies of the company.

Rights and obligations of the contractor/company

Britain Airport Transfers undertakes the responsibility of providing clean and hygienic vehicles to the customers. It also undertakes the responsibility of providing safe and secure travel experience to the customers and abide by all traffic rules and regulations.

Liability and warranty

The customers are required to follow the terms and conditions of the company, whenever they are using the service. In case, the customer does not abide with the terms and conditions of Britain Airport Transfers and transgress the limits set by the company, they will be subject to legal repercussions. If the customer causes damage to the vehicles and/or destroys the appliances within the vehicle, they will be held responsible.

The customer is also required to abide by the anti-drug policy of the company. In case, they are found to be using drugs or consuming alcohol, the customer or customers are liable to intent and negligence.

Order and contract conclusion

The offers of Britain Airport Transfers are free and not binding. Travel orders are booked either through the official website or by calling on the booking desk and making a reservation. Orders and declarations of acceptance are only legally binding with written confirmation by the company. The customer is required to report to the company for the implementation of the contract, and all relevant factors such as date, desired vehicle, time, job site, number of people, flight data, amount of luggage, etc. All the information need to be within a reasonable time and in an absolute binding version.


Unless there has been a notification regarding a change in the pricing of the service, the prices and rate updates on the website are henceforth binding and applicable to all the customers. The prices updated on the website include the legal sales tax. The pricing includes all the services provided to the customers. Customers are advised to carefully select the vehicle they want to travel on keeping in mind the amount of luggage that can be carried in the specific cars and the number of people that are travelling.

Rights and obligations of the customer

The customers are required to use the service in a professional manner. They are expected to act in a way that is both respectful for the chauffeur and themselves. The vehicles must not be damaged or contaminated, for the safety of both the chauffeur and the customer. The customer should always follow the instructions of the chauffeurs to ensure their safety and a comfortable travel experience. The customer is required to act in a manner that is not disrespectful or offensive for the chauffeur. Drug abuse is not permitted and the customers are strongly advised to refrain from it, in order to avoid any inconvenience. No laws are to be broken, otherwise the customer will be subjected to criminal laws. If the customer misuses the service and causes damage or destruction, they will be subject to termination of the contract or service.

Terms of payment

The customers are required to pay for the service while making a booking. It should be noted that in case of cancellation of the service, at any time, there are no cancellation fees and money can be refunded easily. Once the booking is confirmed and the payment is made, the customers receive an email or some documentation confirming their booking.

Cancellation and refund

Britain Airport Transfers cancellation policy states that the customer can cancel their booking at any time, without any repercussions. They will not be charged with any cancellation fee and can easily refund their money. The company had made the refund policy very simple. All the customer needs to do is submit a refund request and their money will be refunded in a specified period of time. There are no hidden charges and pricing and everything are made very transparent. However, it should be noted that the customer needs to notify Britain Airport Transfers in case of cancellation of the service.

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

For all legal relations between the Britain Airport Transfers and its customers, only the British Law is applicable. The customer is required to abide by the law at all times.

Final provisions and severability clause

Britain Airport Transfers retains its right to change the terms and conditions for the provision of its service at all times. If a customer is found to not abide by the general terms and conditions stated above, they will be subject to repercussions depending on the severity of their offence. Finally, the general terms and conditions can be amended by Britain Airport Transfers at any time and the customer is advised to stay updated on any changes.